VIP-bets on sport


Rub90 provides partners with one more tool for increasing the effectiveness of working with players of VIP-bets on sport.

This service is intended for players who want to place bets that exceed the sum of MaxBet set by the operator, and for operators who can accept large bets, but want this process to be under their special control.

Advantages for partners:

1. Flexible settings:

- the ability not only to accept or reject the VIP-bets requested by the player but also to cross-move the player with the adjusted sum and/or odds;

- an administrative module that allows the partner to adjust the financial parameters of the VIP-bet both for one club and for a network of clubs.

2. A tool to attract and retain the most solvent people.

3. The possibility of a thorough check of large bets.

Advantages for players:

  1. The opportunity to use knowledge of sport to get really big gains in the future.
  2. Cross-platform: services are available both in the club, and in desktop and mobile versions of the website.
  3. The ability to place big bets with their operator.

VIP-bets are another step towards the players, which allows the bookmaker to stand out against the competitors, and in so doing to increase their profits.